Voter Suppression: My Voice Deserves To Be Heard

I've been paying lots of attention to the 2012 presidential election...some would call me a "politics enthusiast". I have always been very fascinated with the political environment here in the U.S. as well as other countries. I am disappointed when I read some of the vilifying and abrasive comments on articles and blog posts about both parties and candidates. There has GOT to be a way for us to have meaningful conversation about the issues we are passionate about. I definitely have my own opinions about the candidates and issues that face our nation but one issue stuck out to me -- Voter Suppression. So, I took to my easel to hopefully begin a meaningful and civil conversation about Voter Suppression through representing the stories of some those are affected by it. Check out the first two paintings in the series: My Voice Deserves To Be Heard BTW: If you have not done so already please REGISTER TO VOTE.


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As far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was to serve my country. My love for planes was chased by the dreams of literally soaring above the clouds. These passions led me to the United States Air Force. Although Jim Crow laws prevented equality, my dedication and courage were no different from any other man enlisted. During the early 1940’s is when my unit took flight, Red Tails was the name, ‘Spit Fire’ was the Read more

Fired Up!

Buy This Artwork Now! From $45


Do not despise the days of small beginnings. This future leader has a message ready for anyone willing to listen. She literally stands on the sentiments that shape her future. Too young and too small to fit the shoes of a legal age voter, but still knowledgeable and passionate about what’s at stake this election. The creative imagination of this little girl works actively to galvanize her stuffed animals. The aspirations of her heart pray that her spirit rubs off Read more

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